Volunteer Application

Application Process

Volunteer Search Training is free but time is allocated from other team volunteers and resources. Please be prepared to commit to more than one-year in respect of this effort.

Some administrative positions (non-searcher) require certain skills and we have annual elections as per PCVGSAR bylaws. Learn more about volunteer roles here.

All team members must have background checks before acceptance of the application and every second year after acceptance.

  1. Consent for disclosure of Criminal Record information and a Vulnerable Sector Screening Report.
  2. Consent for a Criminal Record check for a sexual offence for which a pardon has been granted or issued.

Details on how to acquire background checks, once your application is completed and uploaded.

Reach out! Contact us for details if necessary.


Fill out the application.

Download the form below and once complete email it to:



Get your background check documents.

Background check information will be provided to you once the application has been received by us.


Await approval.

Our team reviews your application. The process time generally depends on if all the information has been received properly including background check.



Once approved you'll be notified by email. After approval notification, a $10.00 membership fee is due annually. Instruction for payment will be sent to you. After your dues are paid you will be added to team mailing lists for notification.

A six (6) month probationary period starts in which you are required to complete mandatory training, (ICS 100) and New Member Orientation, to become a Basic Searcher. If you are a Business Volunteer only, you will be fulfilling a non-search role and must be nominated or referred to the executive and team before acceptance.